Indulge in Seasonally Inspired Treats at Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream

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If were you ask ice cream lovers across the area, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t fallen in love with Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream in Bethesda. With creative flavors, natural, local ingredients, and even canine creamy treats, there’s something for your whole family—even its furry members!—to enjoy. 

Sarah’s all-natural, locally sourced ingredients ensure every scoop will be of the utmost quality. But the top-notch products that create Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream isn’t the only quality that appeals to the shop’s earliest customers. With unique flavors like earl grey, lavender honey, rose pistachio, and dark espresso. For the pups in your life, you’ll even find dog-safe ice cream made with pumpkin, yogurt, peanut butter, and beef liver. 

Yelp reviewer Paul J. says it best as he describes his and his family’s love for Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream: “Yes, it's all natural. Yes, it's a local business. Yes, they make sure the flavors are perfect. Yes, they bring it out to your car for a touchless handoff. But most importantly, it's damn good ice cream. It tastes great and is delicious.” Whether the inspired flavors or the exceptional quality catches your eye, you’ll certainly be looking forward to your next visit to Sarah’s Handmade Ice Cream.

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