Save Room for Dessert at Jamaica Mi Crazy, a New Takeout-Only Eatery Near Liberty Mill

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Since most of us are craving an island escape right now, the next best thing is a trip to Jamaica Mi Crazy Restaurant! This brand-new addition to the local restaurant scene has been earning rave reviews from almost everyone who stops by for a bite of their Caribbean-inspired cuisine. They only do takeout, so turn up the "ocean waves" Spotify playlist at home, spread some shells out on the table, and get ready for your night in Jamaica! 

Start with a few jerk chicken patties or Jamaican beef patties. They’re essentially the Jamaican version of an empanada and they’re incredible. Then for entrees, grab a few and share so you can get a little taste of everything. Favorites so far are the slow-cooked oxtail, the curried goat, and the jerk chicken, although everything is packed with spice and flavor. As for the sides, the peas and rice, plantains, or collard greens are tasty options. Save some room for the Jamaican rum fruit cake—you won’t want to miss a bite of that!

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