Roos2u Offers an Experience You Won’t Soon Forget

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Looking for a not-so-average zoo visit? At Roos2u in Germantown, you’ll get to interact with fascinating kangaroos and wallabies, making this nature center stand apart from standard zoos. They will bring you behind the scenes and let you hang out with kangaroos and wallabies as you bottle feed, hand them treats, and pose for countless photos. You can even hold a joey if you want! Upon arrival, you'll immediately be overwhelmed with cuteness overload and will leave with newfound knowledge as you learn interesting facts about these fun creatures. They also have a small store, the Hop Shop, for you to purchase t-shirts, patches, collectibles, stuffed animals, and books and cards. To visit, make a reservation online through their website. Be sure to book one soon and hop on over for a fun-filled day!

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