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Ranken Noodle House Brings Authentic Ramen to Gaithersburg

Ranken Noodle House Brings Authentic Ramen to Gaithersburg

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The next time you’re craving authentic ramen, check out Ranken Noodle House. The recently debuted eatery in Gaithersburg is quickly earning a reputation for the caliber of its classic Japanese fare, especially the signature ramen. It comes in a variety of ways, so you’ll be able to find a version that suits your taste buds—whether it’s the traditional tonkotsu, shoyu, shio, or the spicy miso. Each type of broth comes teeming with hand-stretched ramen noodles, as well as your choice of meats and veggies. For the final flourish, most bowls also include that signature soft-boiled egg. If you’re not into ramen noodles, Ranken’s chef also masterfully crafts udon and soba bowls, as well as gyoza and rice. There are plenty of a la carte complements to round out your meal, from the edamame and potato salad to the karaage chicken wings and the fried ginger pork. Make sure you allow time (and room) to savor dessert. The chestnut cake and beautiful mille-crepe cake are both perfectly sweet and satisfying options at Ranken Noodle House.

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